How to find a withheld phone number

Jac Naylor Posts: Forum Member. You can report them to the phone operator though, but the number will not be given to you. Not usually.

Line identification (CLI)

The only way for a call to be tracked, unless you have very sophisticated tracking software, and a network of super agents working for you, is by the CLI- Caller line identity. Jac Naylor wrote:. My friend has a problem with keep getting witheld numbers and she has reported it to the police and TMobile know the number. If you have the right kit then you can find out who is calling you.

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There are in fact two numbers sent out every time you make a call. One public and one private. The public number is the CLI that you see displayed on the phone or not if the caller uses the prefix or has the CLI permanently disabled. The private number is the billing number for the phone line and cannot be masked. It is used by BT or whoever to identify who to charge for the call.

Normal punters cannot see this private number - unless you are a telecoms engineer with the right data analyser kit.

How To Block Private Number Call

But certain organisations can, such as the Emergency Service operators and I believe the Gas emergency number and one or two others. Makes sense because if you phone with CLI withheld and become unconcious before you can tell them who and where you are they can still trace you.

Also means that making malicious calls to and prefixing it with is a waste of time as they still know where to send the boys round! OK, thanks folks. Looks like I am stuck with it. I believe that if someone is ex directory and makes a call the recipient will also get the message 'number withheld', so it is not always someone being cagey or malicious. If my in laws ring me and I am not at home I get the message 'number withheld' on the service.

No, I don't think it is anyone being malicious.

What is a withheld number and how do I use it? | BT Business

I would just like to know who is making the calls, but for various reasons I do not wish to answer the phone to them. Mother of three-call the police and they will advise. If his number is withheld and is a genuine UK telephone number that makes no difference to your telephone company AND the police finding out who he is a few clicks on a keyboard and voila!

I keep getting withheld number calls this particular one I have answered several times and it is a Funeral Plan Service. As much as I agree with this as I fallen victim to several of these types of calls.

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I should imagine other home-based jobs will be affected too. Is this likely to affect me and my only available way to work? If you are making a business call to a residential subscriber this new regulation will directly affect you and it will be illegal to withhold your number. If you are calling a business number the regulation will not apply, but surely they will need to have your number in case they need to call back.

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How to Hide Your Number When Calling and Texting

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