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Will you pass that background check? Expungements and record sealing services are also very important should you want to lease an apartment or home in Santa Cruz County.

Landlords will be looking into your past as they usually want someone without any red flags on their record. We pride ourselves by being the largest criminal expungement firm in the country coupled with the lowest prices!

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If you happen to find a lower price for an expungement or record sealing in Santa Cruz County, we will match that price as we have a price match guarantee. One potential benefit of expunging your record is that you many be able to restore your firearm rights in Santa Cruz County.

Whether you want to go hunting or project your family, you should talk with our lawyers about the benefits of restoring your gun rights. The program aims to give qualified ex-offenders a second chance at building productive lives after successfully completing all terms of probation and showing evidence of getting their lives on track—by legally allowing less damning answers to questions about criminal background on applications for employment, housing, financial aid for school, and many public services.

Licker emphasizes that criminal records must be looked at on a case-by-case basis. The law, for example, does not allow anyone to clear their record of most sex offenses.

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Licker says that once all convictions are dismissed or expunged from a record, an ex-offender can legally report they have no criminal history, but there are a few catches. For careers involving a state Department of Justice, where jobs usually require fingerprinting, the background check report comes back with the conviction record, along with notation of judicial dismissal.

The ex-offender is then usually rejected because it appears false statements were made on the application, Licker says, although the applicant was legally entitled to report no criminal history. Licker says many ex-offenders throughout the county do not know they may qualify for a judicial review of their rap sheet that could clear or reduce prior convictions. The program does have some key qualifiers: successful completion of probation, as well as no new charges pending and letters of support from employers, counselors and probation officers.

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The local Community Corrections Partnership CCP —created by the state legislature a few years ago in every county in California—has hosted workshops to spread the word about Clean Slate. We are trying to fill the gaps and reduce the barriers to productive lives, which ultimately benefits the entire community and helps it thrive.

Emmert says the legal process of clearing criminal records is complicated, and has changed with newly approved state propositions, including Prop 64, which legalized the commercial sale of marijuana in California. But with positive letters of support showing the ex-offender has turned things around, the court can award a Certificate of Rehabilitation, Licker explains, which goes a long way toward putting a criminal history in the past.