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To provide various family support services to the public. To receive, distribute and preserve office court documents.

To store and safeguard exhibits and evidence for all court cases. To issue and record marriage licenses To process applications for private process servers, bail bondsmen and passports.

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To compile and maintain statistics of cases and other business of the court. To act as Jury Commissioner, qualifying, maintaining and providing jurors for court trails. Please take the time to explore this website and take advantage of the information provided. Thank you!

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Deanne M. Romo, Clerk of the Court. Superior court judges serve four year terms.

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There are now more than Arizona superior court judges, most of whom are in Maricopa and Pima Counties. The Arizona Supreme Court designates a presiding judge for counties with two or more superior court judges. In single-judge counties, that judge holds the administrative authority. A state law A. These judges usually work part-time. A judge pro tempore must be at least 30 years of age, of good moral character, a resident of Arizona and admitted to the practice of law in Arizona for not less than five years immediately preceding the appointment.

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A judge pro tempore may be appointed to serve in the county where he or she lives, or another county. Each county has a superior court clerk elected to a four year term. The clerk maintains court case files; certifies documents; collects fees; issues summonses, subpoenas, and marriage licenses; and performs other duties required by law, e. Some counties offer these services in more than one location.

In some counties, the clerk also serves as the jury commissioner. However, in larger counties, a separate jury commissioner may be appointed. Larger Arizona counties also have court administrators to assist the presiding judge with case flow management, records management, financial management and other administrative projects.

Arizona Vital Records

These commissioners hear cases where an uncontested charge has been entered. They may also conduct the initial appearance of a defendant charged with a crime. Juvenile Court Counties with more than one superior court judge also have a special juvenile court.

One or more superior court judges are assigned to hear all juvenile cases involving delinquency, incorrigibility and dependency.

Clerk of the Court

Juvenile traffic cases may be heard by a court other than the juvenile court if the presiding juvenile court judge allows it. Tax Court The Tax Court, established in , has jurisdiction over all questions of law and fact relating to disputes involving the imposition, assessment or collection of Arizona taxes. A taxpayer may choose to use the small claims division of the Tax Court for certain cases.

These cases are heard by one to three arbitrators who are attorneys appointed by the court. Hearings are conducted in an informal setting and manner that saves money and reduces the number of cases in trial courts. Arbitrators act as judges. They listen to both sides and make decisions based on the law.