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However, while it only reaches audiences at the bottom of the sales funnel, that also means these customers are ready to make a purchase decision, and the resulting ROI can be stunning. Because every channel can play an important part in a solid marketing mix, be sure you understand the pros and cons of Yellow Page advertising.

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If your audience turns to this format, it can offer important ROI and sales you may be missing otherwise. Remember, we at Zimmer are proud to help clients develop striking marketing strategies and win across any platform. Contact us today to discover what we can do for you to take your advertising to the next level.

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Yellow Pages vs Google AdWords Advertising - Which is the Best Value for Money?

Four States Small Business Blog. Long Use Not all consumers will use the Yellow Pages, but when they do, they tend to keep the volume on hand for when they need it.

Category Benefits Yellow Page advertising offers some built in targeting due to the fact that everything is already categorized by industry. Heavy Competition Believe it or not, there are more phone books than just the old golden standard, Yellow Pages.

What Did This Shift Tell Us About Local Searches?

Competition from Digital Alternatives Digital directories are the biggest competition for printed Yellow Pages, especially in a mobile-centric market. Difficult to Keep Up to Date We mentioned that the Yellow Pages see long use, but that benefit is tempered by the fact that only one edition is published each year. Key Takeaways There can be some powerful detractors to utilizing print Yellow Pages as an advertising medium. Keep your segmentation in mind and plan your ads accordingly.

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Remember that audiences are more likely to be rural and are more likely to be Boomers, but again, reference your audience research to speak to the audiences using YP. Yellow Pages Voice generates more than 95, potential leads per month. Callers can access information on business or services from anywhere in the country. There is no need for the caller to know the name of the business as search could be done by business type, name, category or location.

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  4. Tip Advertise in the best Yellow Pages book for reaching your target market. While rural areas may have one book covering a large geographic region, metropolitan hubs often have multiple, overlay books. For instance, a New Jersey suburb may have two phone books for the same town — one, a regional guide; the other, a smaller, local guide.

    Also, keep in mind who will purchase your services.

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    Residential customers will reach for the traditional Yellow Pages; business buyers will likely first seek a business-to-business guide. About the Author Thomas Ferraioli began writing in Photo Credits sultry business lady 3 image by Paul Moore from Fotolia. Accessed 06 November