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May Promoted to commanding the entire Union Army after his successes in the western theater, General Grant initiates the Overland Campaign to weaken General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, through attrition if necessary.

Mapping Confederate Irish Veterans in 20th Century Alabama

In the Battle of the Wilderness, outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Union forces sustain much higher losses than their opponents. General Grant is forced to withdraw from the field, but flanks around the Confederates and continues south towards Richmond. During the summer of , General Sherman's troops engage the Confederate Army in a series of battles, successively moving southward. General Grant's orders for repeated Union assaults against a heavily defended line result in a significant disparity in casualties; 13, for the Union in contrast to 2, for the Confederates. Soon after, General Grant moves his troops south of the James River and initiates the Siege of Petersburg, a crucial supply point for the Confederate Army and the city of Richmond.

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This is widely seen as a retributive act by General Meigs, who considered General Lee a traitor and intended to render his house and property uninhabitable. July 30 During the Siege of Petersburg, the Union Army attempts an ambitious and ultimately disastrous attempt to breach the Confederate fortifications in the Battle of the Crater. After exploding a mine under their position and charging through this gap, the uncoordinated and disorganized Union assaults are quickly overwhelmed by Confederate counterattacks in a decisive victory for General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

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While the federal troops do not seize the city of Mobile, their presence prevents blockade runners from importing supplies to the Confederacy through the port. After the battle, General Sherman's troops occupy Atlanta, providing a significant boost to the morale of the northern public.

Files of military service surnames have been microfilmed by the Alabama Department of Archives and History and are available to researchers. Those files include:. Many of those listed sources are not official. So, researchers should be aware of that when looking up military information about Alabama residents. Alabama Civil War soldier lists are fairly common.

However, many of them are incomplete. Copies of the index to Confederate records from the Alabama Department of Archives and History can also be found in a number of places. That index includes records from the , , and pensioners censuses. Indigent resident Confederate veterans were eligible for pensions, as were widows of dead veterans.

Alabama in the Civil War

The following are all types of information included in those pension files:. Widows filling out applications in had to list their birthplaces, dates of birth, names of their fathers, when and where their fathers died, and when and where the widows were married to the soldiers.

The Alabama Department of Archives and History holds the original records of those files.

However, those records have also been placed on microfilm by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Copies can be obtained from the FHL.


Alabamians have seen military service in all wars of the United States. Military records are found at both the state and federal levels. Forgot Password. Please enter your email address or username below. Please Signup.

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